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Discretion Policy

The Red Dog Casino values the customer’s privacy above everything else. This Discretion Policy explains the methods and tools we use to collect and process the customer’s personal information and the means we utilize to protect it. All the information we collect in order to make our website and work of our staff better, and to provide you (hereafter referred to as the Customer) with the most relevant tailor-made offers and promotions. By using the website the Customer agrees to be bound by this Discretion Policy.

Only with the customer’s permission will all of the collected private data be used. We use top-notch systems to protect your information because we treat it as if it were our own.

It is the user’s duty to always keep their profile information( login and password ) private and to avoid disclosing it to anyone, including friends, family, and coworkers. We clearly advise changing your word and getting in touch with the Customer Care team if you think your account information may be compromised.

Personal Data

The customer provides us with two main types of information while using our website. Sweets and other automated data are collected during the use of the site in an automated way. When a user registers on the website, their personal details, such as their name, email address, and telephone number, is gathered.

You are not required to give us any of your personal information, but if you don’t, you might be unable to use some of our website’s functions.

While creating an account at a preferred casino, you automatically agree to abide by every point of their and our Terms & Conditions Policy. It also includes your consent to the fact that we record all User’s calls and may store them secured and encrypted by the latest technology for a reasonable period of time.

How we use the information you give us

Automatic Information (Cookies) are used to make our website’s performance better, keep up with our users’ needs, and provide them with the best features. Personal Data is used to offer customized promotions and bonuses from Red Dog Casino and from our trusted partner casinos, send advertising emails, manage our promotions and surveys, and quickly process customer transactions.

Security of Information

To ensure that every user is secure while using our site, Red Dog Casino constantly scans for malware and software flaws. Only our specifically trained, authorized, and confirmed employees members have access to the entire collected data, which is kept on fully secure servers. Red Dog Casino is one of the most stable game platforms in the world because our data security team is constantly working to improve our protection protocols and software. The industry-standard 256-bit SSL crypto is used to secure all customer data that is stored on our servers.

Red Dog Casino employs cutting-edge surveillance systems that are comparable to those employed by well-known financial organisations like banks, sizable companies, and others. Every Red Dog Casino users and their information are protected by the preceding algorithms as soon as it is submitted. The Customer now agrees that they are sending their personal details to us at their individual risk because they should be aware that no data transfer over the Internet can be considered 100 % safe.


Cookies are tiny records of letters and numbers that, if you allow it through your computer settings, are automatically placed on your hard drive. Every time you visit the casino website or take any action, biscuits are downloaded. In the settings of your website, you can stop the access of cookies whenever you want.

Our site uses cookies to set you apart from all other users and learn about your choices so we can track your online activity and make changes as necessary. Cookies are used to improve the website’s relevance to both the interests of the users and the commercials it runs. Additionally, we use cookies to monitor site usage, which pages visitors are most interested in, and how they interact with our service. Join the site and start gambling!

Involvement from Third Parties and Sites

During the course of our ordinary operational practices, our casino does not transfer, exchange, sell, or then transfer your information to any third parties. The aforementioned excludes situations in which data revelation is required by law to uphold the terms and conditions of the casino or to safeguard the rights, interests, or property of another casino patrons.

The web hosting companies or any other parties who are helping us out with our services are the exceptions to this article. All parties involved in this process are required by law to maintain the secrecy and security of the information.

On our website, we may offer any third-party services or products. The third-party websites which provide you with access to our website are not bound by this Discretion Policy; and the Casino is not to be held liable for their actions or the ways they process customer information.

contacts for selling

The CAN – SPAM act of 2003 governs Red Dog Casino’s selling communications plan. This Act is a law that outlines the guidelines for business letters, establishes standards for these communications, gives recipients the option to unsubscribe from messages sent to them, and imposes harsh penalties for breaking any of these rules.

Regarding our prizes, promotions, extra chip giveaways, and vacation promotions at Red Dog Casino, we may give you SMS text messages and emails. We can include a trackable URL( to an email attachment or as the ratification key ).

To determine the success of these letters or SMS messages, it offers assurance when you open the message. With the exception of that, Red Dog Casino’s contact address and a topic that is true will be included in every information. The unsubscribe option is present in every letter, and all opt-out calls will be promptly honored. & nbsp,


The customer’s personal information will be retained for no longer than the period necessary for accomplishing the goals described in this Discretion Policy. The retention period may be prolonged if it is required or allowed by law.

Get in touch with us

Please get in touch with us at help @ if you have any concerns about the privacy or security of Red Dog Casino IO.