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Conditions and Terms

Given below Conditions and Terms regulate all the spheres and details of our and our partners’ relationship with the Customer. The Conditions and Terms are displayed to every Customer upon registration; and by creating an account, the Customer agrees to be obliged by these Conditions and Terms, the Privacy Policy, and the rules.

We have the right to alter The Conditions and Terms as we wish and we consider it to be the responsibility of the Customer / User / Player to check the updates on the mentioned above Conditions and Terms regularly in order to prevent any faulty understanding and misreading.

RedDogCasino. The Customer does not acquire any right to any words, ideas, approaches, images, or word information. io is the name of the Website Blog. We are unique. We are more of a third-party marketing firm that advertises playing products than an online casino in the traditional sense.

Red Dog Casino and # 8221, &# 8220, Our Casino, # 812, etc. are the following numbers. are all all mentions of a game that we chose for you based on information we have about our customers. General information on various facets of online casino gaming is offered on our website. Additionally, it lists choices that Red Dog Casino does not provide.

Client safety and privacy are our top priorities. In order to protect the Customer’s data and personal information, we use the most recent surveillance technology. To avoid any deception and transferring of the data mentioned above by the third parties, all client information, including their username, password, and other personal details, is protected by industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. You quickly agree to abide by every stage of the terms and conditions coverage when you register an account with us. It also includes your permission for us to record all customer calls and keep them for a reasonable amount of time, secured and encrypted by the most recent technology.

The Customer now agrees that we reserve the right to begin or end any exercise, add or remove games, and begin and end promotions at its sole discretion without prior notice.

If third parties publish these Terms & amp, Conditions entirely or partially on third-party websites, we shall not be liable for any errors and omissions made by those parties.

These Terms & Conditions were written in English, and we shall not be responsible for any mistakes made during their translation into any language, including the use of built-in browser translation tools. If any disputes should arise, the Conditions and Terms in English will prevail.

To open an account with us, the Customer must be of legal age( either 21 + years old or the legal personality age within the Client’s jurisdiction, whichever is higher ).

We have no obligation to determine whether any jurisdiction has legalized online gaming.

All activities that are available are only for evaluation. Any kind of corporate or professional use is expressly forbidden.

The gambling software on the game website pages where you registered and made your payment must be used to place all bets. The use of any method, including” bot” clients, is typically strictly forbidden and will result in the cancellation of winnings, the termination of the customer’s casino account, and / or any other appropriate and legal actions.

The RedDogCasino companions use reliable RTG software that is based on the most recent RNG ( Random Number Generator ) systems to ensure fair play. All of the games mentioned at RedDogCasino receive results that are genuinely obscure and impartial thanks to this technology. The Customer above agrees that the third-party casino’s Random Number Generator will determine the results of the gambling rounds and accepts all results as final and binding.

Any blackjack is purely a fun website, so by creating an account and placing true money bets, the client confirms that they are aware that playing games of chance is not profitable. The Customer can enjoy demo versions of our games without having to make a deposit or make real-money bets. A payment to the game is not an investment, and there is absolutely no interest on the payment. The buyer acknowledges that winnings from their casino deposits are not guaranteed. RedDogCasino IO doesn’t handle money transfers and is .

If you submit a written complaint to the game you use within 14 days, any debate over the outcome of any sport round will be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that if there is a difference between the result displayed on the Customer’s Casino software and the Casino , s server software, the results on that software will prevail.

To open an account with RedDogCasino, you must complete the sign-up form and provide all required information. There is a maximum of one bill per IP address, person, household, bill, or device. We will remove the accounts we deem to be a record account at our ultimate judgment if the Customer opens another accounts with us.

The Customer is accountable for keeping their bill information( such as login and password ) private, for all actions taken on their behalf, and for logging out of the profile following each gambling session. Be aware that casinos typically reserve the right to market using the company’s name, moniker, and winnings amount.

A game is not liable for any Internet, software, or hardware malfunctions, as well as any consumer attempts to play at the casino in ways that are not intended or prohibited by the establishment. Any winnings obtained in the game due to a structure issue or malfunction will be void. The Customer’s stability document kept on the RedDogCasino servers will be regarded as final and binding if any damage, system mistake, or connection break occurs during the game round.

If blackjack winnings are subject to taxation in their area of responsibility, the customer is solely liable for any taxes that may be incurred.

You agree to receive our marketing mailout and other types of promotional material by agreeing to these Terms & watts, Conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, SMS, emails, drive notifications, etc. To ensure that you don’t miss any crucial notifications from us, we advise you to add our email address( help @ ) to your contacts. By clicking” unsubscribe” or getting in touch with the casino’s customer service, you can stop receiving these emails.

Only help @ sends out marketing emails.

Payments and deposits

During the registration process, a casino allows you to choose one money as your account’s chosen currency. It just works in USD, EUR, and AUD. Except for the aforementioned options, the Customer is unable to request payments in different currencies.

All transactions made are typically private and secured by the industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption process. Every powerful or attempted deceptive activity is immediately reported to the relevant authorities.

You may register all of the banking services you use for transactions in your title. There are no deposit or pay fees associated with the business. However, the lender that the customer used to complete the transaction, as well as any other involved middlemen businesses or payment processors, may impose additional processing and / or transfer fees. The total cost of such fees may be borne by the Customer.

A casino will start refunds for all credit card transactions to the lender cards from which they originated and notify all relevant authorities if it determines that they pose an intolerable risk for constitutional or security reasons. Such a loan will result in the cancellation of all prizes. A compromise is not subject to a payment if any bets were placed using the loan in question or the reward that came with it.


The following payment methods are available in an average casino: MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin (BTC), American Express, Neosurf, and PayID. To receive information on minimum and maximum transaction amounts and time of payment processing for different deposit methods, please refer to the Banking Section.

A casino automatically considers all purchases made to the Customer’s Casino accounts to be inevitable. A loan should not be held accountable for any repercussions if it was made accidentally.

The Customer receives an email notification following each loan along with the vendor name and transaction confirmation. To prevent misunderstandings in the future, we strongly advise you to save all of your exchange information and payment methods.

After the initial successful deposit, a order confirmation is necessary. In order to guarantee Customer, it will be necessary for you to ensure your payment information and some specific information over the phone during this process. security.


A casino offers its users a wide range of bank options based on their preferences. Customers are advised to familiarize themselves with the time frames and restrictions for each opportunity provided under this connection before submitting a payment request. Before requesting a reward, please make sure to give the Company accurate and current specific information.

Prior to the second pay confirmation, the customer must make a single deposit. The Customer if typically win at least 1x the first loan value in order to comply with the Security Policy.

Casinos require customers to show their identities before winnings may be distributed because they must supply their Account Department with all necessary information. The Customer should provide the following papers to the game during this process:

  • Personality verification in shade( passport, driver’s license, ID ).
  • The bank card( s ) used for color deposits has both sides. They just require the passport number’s first six and last four digits. The card number’s middle digits and CVV can be concealed.
  • Any official record with the address, full name, and day, provided it was issued within the previous two months, is acceptable as proof of address( such as a physician, utility, or delivery bill ).
  • Account Verification.
  • Casinos will request that customers give a completed Credit Card Validation form for each of these cards in order to be able to use them for purchases to and from casinos if they decide to switch to another credit or debit card after completing the verification process.
  • It may take two to three business time for paperwork to be approved. A game might need more time to process the papers if they weren’t submitted all at once.
  • Any changes, falsification, or manipulation of the submitted documents may cause the account to be closed and all winnings void.
  • Before being confirmed, our accounting department must audit and approve all pay requests.

The most that can be paid is about$ 2,500 per transaction. This cap may be changed by a blackjack, in accordance with the consumer level, or at the request of the VIP host for the client.

Depending on the pay restrictions and the Player’s present Customer Level, the large payment may be split into smaller units and paid out.

Only the casino account from which the payment was made can be used to make the payment.

Even though the Customer may select a preferred payment method, the casino retains the right to make the final call in this matter.

One pending pay per customer is all that is permitted.

Casino Terms of the general prize apply to the Customer’s bonus-related stability.

A blackjack reserves the right to deny any payout in the following circumstances in order to maintain a good relationship with the customer and to safeguard the company’s interests:

  • If the client registers an account with wrong, invalid, or out-of-date personal information.
  • If the company’s payment / debit card data is different from the account information.
  • if the buyer has a number of accounts.
  • if someone else used the Customer’s accounts.
  • If the Customer uses their accounts to participate in professional or team play.
  • If the buyer uses anything other than the standard betting software, such as a robot program.
  • If the balance that is subject to removal was created as a result of extra misuse.
  • If the consumer requests and / or participates in a free bonus while the payment is still pending.
  • If the customer’s payments to a game were revoked or rejected in any way.
  • If the Customer has been exposed as a person or accused of doing so in another casino.
  • If the balance that can be withdrawn was created as a result of breaking the Bonus Terms and Conditions.
  • If the bill was registered by someone who was unsuitable to do so because of the General Terms and Conditions’ items 9, 10, and 12.

Terms of the general prize

1. You fully agree to the game Bonus Terms by claiming any reward at a casino, including but not limited to no-deposit bonuses, payment extra, extra cards, free spins, and comp points. They will be specified below by RedDogCasino IO.

2. 2. & nbsp, All deposit bonuses are only valid for wagering purposes, so you cannot cash out the full amount of a bonus. The main benefit amount may be taken out upon request for a payout.

3. All game prizes are subject to wager requirements and are not added by default. The Customer must either claim the extra in their game account or call or email our customer support staff in order to unlock it.

4.. 4. & nbsp, It is the Customer’s duty to become familiar with the conditions of the bonus they plan to take advantage of.

5. 5. & nbsp, All deposit bonuses must be used up before the customer can start using the money they have deposited. A buyer loses their ability to claim any bonuses on a specific payment once they start wagering on it.

6. & nbsp, The Bonus Terms of each specific offer reflect the redemption restrictions that apply to some of the bonuses.

7. 7. & nbsp, The Customer is only permitted to participate in one active promotion at a time at one casino.

8. & nbsp, a single loan reward is only valid for one payment.

9. Any extra or advertising may be canceled, rejected, or terminated by a casino at any time without prior notice.

10. Only when there is no pending reward purchase linked to the Customer’s account are free bonuses available.

11. Completely benefits should not be claimed concurrently; at least one deposit must be made between them.

The bet on the corresponding activities will count toward the wagering needs. Each benefit is to be played on a specific type of game. as follows, for instance:

Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, slots, & nbsp, scratch card, board games, and # 8211 are all 100 % guaranteed. Card games include # 8211, 20 %, BlackJack, Multihand Video Poker, and Tri Card Poker. Roulette Multiplier, # 8211, 10 %, and Roulette.

If the Customer plays any activities that are not part of the promotion before meeting the wagering requirements, the rewards will be forfeited.

& nbsp, If another is not specified in the Bonus Terms of a specific promotion, the maximum bet size during the bonus wagering period is set to e.g., in accordance with Responsible and Fair Gaming policies. Placing bets above the amount will cause all rewards to be void.

Only during the bonus wager time are the limitations on the games available and the maximum bet limitation in effect.

Roulette bonuses can only be placed inside bet. Any outdoor wagers are regarded as Bonus Terms violations, and all prizes will be void.

A predetermined casino game is given free spins, which have a fixed quantity of paylines and bet size. Free Turns can only be used in the match to which they are linked. The main get sum can then be wagered on any activity that is included in the Slots development after the initial number of Free Spins has been played.

Any infraction of the Bonus Terms may be regarded as Bonus Abuse, and we will take immediate action to stop it. Bonus abusers’ accounts may be closed, along with all prizes forfeited.

The Terms of the specific development specify the minimum deposit required to be eligible for a bonus.

If you accidentally claimed a prize, get in touch with Customer Support to have it revoked before you use it. You must meet the wagering needs if the extra portion has already been used.

A buyer may receive a” No Deposit Bonus” upon registration in order to test out the game before making their initial deposit.

All No Payouts for deposits are subject to the following Wagering Requirements: X days the rewards for Free Spins, Bonus times for Slots and Card Games, and Bonus Times for Roulette bonuses. & nbsp,

There is a maximum payout for prizes with no payment. It is either$ 150 or three times the maximum bonus amount / free spins number. The payment cap may not be raised if the liberal prize is won.

Please review the list of activities that are included as well as the bet contributions.

After the wagering requirement is met, at least one payment must be made in order to receive payment from a no deposit bonus.

Payouts for deposits

The wagering requirements for deposit bonuses can be as follows: 35x( Deposit + Bonus ) for slots, 20 times( 20 times for winnings in Free Spins ), 40x for card games( Defeating + Bonuses )( Federal + Bonus ), and 60 times( Debenet & Bonus ) are for roulette.

Every extra has a certain minimum deposit requirement, as detailed in the bonus’s description.

Regular Payouts for deposits are not subject to any payout limit unless otherwise stated in the terms of a specific bonus. Regular Payouts for deposits become available after deposits.

Remember that your accessible balance is counted as extra money once you receive a deposit bonus. Your income isn’t divided into a balance that can be withdrawn in this situation, nor is it split up into extra balances. As a result, you will only be able to withdraw your rewards after the play need has been met and your Bonus money is exchanged for money.

Completely prizes and nbsp

Free Bonuses in the form of Bonus Chips and / or Free Spins may be credited to the company’s accounts. Between free prizes, there should be at least one loan.

There are wagering needs for Free Bonuses that are in effect.

Bonus Chips and Bonus Spins are typically just redeemable if there are no pending rewards at the moment.

Free Bonuses are intended to be played without making a deposit, but we are conscious that errors can happen. The wager requirements and highest cashout control of the Free Bonus are applied to any deposits made on top of them. You can telephone or email a game customer support staff to resolve this problem.

The change must be deposited if the bonus’s highest payout restriction is less than the minimum payout amount.

Comp Points may be used to play any game with no restrictions, including & nbsp, # 8211, and others.

Comp points are given for the customer’s wagers under the following codes: &# 8211, nbsp.

Comp points are converted to a specific casino rate at the following rates: &# 8211, nbsp, etc. $ 1 per 100 points, for instance.

Comprehensive points can carry no wagering requirements at all, including &# 8211, and nbsp, etc.

Comp points can only be available for depositors under the &# 8211, nbsp, and pnp codes.

The minimum number of comp points required to claim is$ 1 or roughly, and # 8211, & nbsp.

Activities with Live Dealers

The Activities with Live Dealers available in a Casino can be offered and maintained by the Visionary iGaming provider.

By playing any of the Activities with Live Dealers the Customer agrees to be bound by the Visionary iGaming Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Neither We nor a Casino regulates Activities with Live Dealers in any way and are not to be held liable for their outcome.

There is a licensed distributor of Activities with Live Dealers by Visionary iGaming and is thus authorized to offer you access to them and to monitor and control financial transactions between your Live Dealer balance and your Casino account balance.


We think that full transparency and cutting-edge random number generation( RNG ) technologies are the two pillars of fair gaming. Casinos on the website use the most recent and up-to-date RNG technology, and they are routinely tested by TST( Technical Systems Testing ).

Some casinos use the RealTime Gaming ( RTG ) software platform, which RedDoGCasino IO has fully licensed and checked for fair play.

Each Customer must ensure that the outcome of every second round is totally random and impartial while playing games. Do not hesitate to get in touch with game guests if you ever feel that you were not treated fairly. They can help you with your problem.

Customer Service Levels

Consumer degree may get determined in accordance with a number of important factors that the team of committed experts is carefully examining and analyzing. After years of experience, we have identified the following elements as having the greatest influence on how the Customer’s later degree at casinos is determined:

  • Type and frequency of deposits
  • payment ratings
  • Casino customer status
  • the length and results of game classes
  • used payment procedures
  • speed waver
  • how frequently rewards are reversed
  • account length

Please keep in mind that the user level also affects a variety of gaming factors, not just the maximum payment amount and payment approval times. A game reserves the right to modify the variety of deals offered to you in accordance with your existing Customer Level. A game may, in some circumstances, offer each customer a customized payment schedule in accordance with each unique payout request. In the event of a sizable succeed, the winnings may be divided into units until the entire sum has been paid.

Conclusion of membership

The company’s accounts may be closed or blocked by the game. Unused extra money may be cashed out in the event that the Customer terminates the account and closes it. When an account is closed or terminated, a casino typically has the right to deny the patient’s balance.

The Customer submits inaccurate, invalid, or out-of-date personal information at & nbsp, # 8211, etc.

The information provided during account registration differs from the information on the customer’s credit / debit card. &# 8211, nbsp, and tbnp.

The Customer has multiple accounts, according to &# 8211, and nbsp. In the case of many accounts, a casino will choose which account should be terminated and which should remain engaged at its sole discretion.

Any accounts registered by anyone who is unsuitable to do so( as defined in passages 10, 11, and 13 of General Terms and Conditions ) will be terminated, and the loan amount must be given back to the owner.

The Customer was discovered to be sharing their account with someone else under the following codes: # 8211, & nbsp, etc.

The Customer was discovered to be taking part in group or professional play from their account at &# 8211, and nbsp, tbhp.

The Customer was discovered to be cheating while playing in any gambling establishment at &# 8211, andnbsp, etc. In this situation, a game reserves the right to divulge the company’s credentials to affiliates and another casino operators in order to stop further fraud at other casinos.

The Customer uses any type of gaming technology or a machine program, or places bets using any other method besides the official software, according to &# 8211, nbsp, etc.

The Customer was discovered to be a benefit perpetrator or has been charged with doing so in any other casino.

Any payments made by the customer to a casino were revoked or denied, and the following are the terms: # 8211, & nbsp.

The customer demands special treatment in response to their threats to return or reverse their payments to a casino at &# 8211, nbsp.